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Here at Dr. Bugli’s Dental Care, our patients often approach us with questions about our office and the care we provide. Though it is impossible to address every concern, we have assembled some of the questions most commonly raised by our patients. After reading them, we hope that you will better understand our methods and the manner in which we plan to handle your oral health. As always, should you have a question not addressed here, our staff is always available to assist you during regular business hours.

I have never had a cavity and I brush my teeth and floss daily. Do I need to visit the dentist?

Oral health problems are best addressed before they start. Here at Dr. Bugli’s Dental Care, we recognized the power of preventative care. Although we are aware that many of our patients have excellent oral hygiene between office visits, only a dental professional can deliver the type of deep cleaning provided at twice-yearly check-ups.

My teeth and gums appear fine to me. Why do I need oral X-rays?

Our experience as dental care providers has shown that X-rays are more effective at revealing underlying dental health issues than visual examinations alone. However, we typically do not require X-rays with every visit. Instead, we may request complete imaging approximately every 5 years and bitewing x-rays every 1-2 years.

My child still has his “baby teeth.” Should he visit the dentist now or wait until his “adult teeth” begin to emerge?

Although the “baby teeth” are destined to fall out, we still prefer to examine children no later than 36 months of age. By this time, many of the teeth have broken through the gums, and our examinations can reveal potential future oral health problems. Furthermore, bringing your child to the dentist at an early age can establish the foundation for healthy oral habits that will last for life.

I’ve heard of dental sealants for children, but what exactly are they?

Often, the posterior teeth are most prone to tooth decay. They contain grooves and crevices that are more difficult to clean than other teeth, making them more prone to harboring bacteria that can decay the teeth. By placing a protective sealant on these vulnerable teeth at a young age, decay is addressed before it ever starts. Many parents find that dental sealants save money on corrective dental treatment over time.

My insurance benefits will not cover dental treatment.What are my options?

We never want money to prevent our patients from getting the dental care they deserve. Your oral health is a priority, and although we accept and file on many forms of dental insurance, we also have options available to our patients who are without benefits. Please contact our office payments coordinator to discuss flexible payment options.

What types of cosmetic services do you offer? First impressions are important, and your smile is an

essential part of your appearance. Cosmetic dentistry is becoming less of a luxury and more mainstream. Our office provides traditional cosmetic services, such as teeth whitening, as well as permanent smile modifications using cosmetic bonding and veneers. To find out how we can make your dream smile a reality, schedule a consultation with Dr. Bugli today.

Should I be concerned about gingivitis or periodontal disease?

Anyone can develop gingivitis or periodontal disease; although there are steps you can take to prevent it. By using proper brushing techniques, flossing and maintaining your twice-yearly dental cleanings, you can significantly decrease your chances of developing gum disease. However, should you experience pain, swelling, redness or bleeding of the gums surrounding the teeth, it is important you contact our office for a thorough examination.


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